Update #3: As of 1600 UTC the VIIRS instrument was recovered. Please note that VIIRS instrument tuning and product quality checks will take at least 2 days. Direct Broadcast users should be aware that while this data will be available on HRD, it should not be used operationally until it is verified by the Cal/Val teams. The CLASS and GRAVITE mission partners will continue to receive and distribute this data.

Update #2: Engineering was able to successfully return the SNPP spacecraft back to the nominal Mission pointing status at 22:28 UTC (Aug 3, 2021). The instrument recovery efforts commenced at 14:07 UTC Aug 4, 2021.   As of 14:17 UTC, ATMS, CERES, and OMPS instruments were recovered.  Before the distribution of SNPP science data can resume, Cal/Val teams will need to check and verify that all the instruments are meeting expected requirements. NDE/PDA systems have disabled all SNPP subscriptions effective as of 14:03 UTC as recovery efforts continue. Direct Broadcast users should be aware that any science data on the High Rate Data downlink has not yet been checked out. The CLASS and GRAVITE mission partners will continue to receive SNPP data as the instruments are fully recovered. More notices will follow to inform users as each instrument returns to a nominal state.   It is anticipated that by 22:00 UTC Aug 4, that instrument recovery on SNPP should be completed.


Update #1: As of 22:00 UTC (Aug 3, 2021), efforts are underway to return the S-NPP spacecraft back to the nominal mission pointing status.  All instruments are in a safe state and science data is not available to users since 12:46 UTC. Tentatively, the instrument recovery back to nominal operations is expected to occur no earlier than 12:00 UTC on Aug 4, 2021 - specifics will follow in another notice update after the 12:00 UTC time frame. All science data during this event will be unrecoverable while the instrument payload is in safe mode and will remain unavailable until the full recovery effort is complete.


Topic:  NPP Complete SMD Outage


Date/Time Issued:   August 4, 2021 1630Z


Product(s) or Data Impacted: All NPP SMD Products  


Date/Time of Initial Impact:   August 3, 2021 12:46:45Z


Date/Time of Expected End:  TBD


Length of Outage: TBD 


Details/Specifics of Change:  With engineering executing a planned re-enabling of the star trackers as part of the Star Catalog loads, NPP has entered a state where it is no longer mission pointing. Engineering has started recovery efforts to restore the spacecraft to a nominal status. All NPP instruments are in safe mode and all science data will be unavailable until further notice.


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