Update #6: The CrIS and OMPS instrument and Cal/Val teams completed their initial assessments and reported that the CrIS RDR/SDR and OMPS RDR/SDR product quality and performance have recovered.  OMPS is recovered, with a minor caveat for OMPS that the dark count shifts are larger than the normal weekly change. This bias will be removed through the regular dark calibration table updates later this week. The Environmental Satellite Processing Center (ESPC) will resume distributing CrIS products through the Product Distribution and Access (PDA) at 2130 UTC August 9, 2021. SDR and EDR teams will continue to evaluate OMPS product quality. Direct Broadcast (DB) users can use S-NPP ATMS, VIIRS, and CrIS data received through the High Rate Data (HRD) downlink for operations. Users who have any questions or feedback are encouraged to send an email to ESPC Operations (ESPCOperations@noaa.gov).