Update #1: The start date for the test has changed to May 23

Topic: GOES-16 (EAST) Geostationary Lightning Mapper Test

Date/Time Issued: May 19, 2022 1254 UTC

Product(s) or Data Impacted: GOES-16 GLM
Date/Time of Initial Impact:   May 23, 2022 0436UTC
Date/Time of Expected End: May 24, 2022 1745UTC
Length of Outage: There will be two 60min and a 24hr data outage of degraded product period. See Details below.
Details/Specifics of Change: Starting on Monday May 23, at 0430 UTC, GOES-16 GLM will perform testing to improve the data product. The outages and degradation period are listed below:

·         May 23, 0436-0536UTC: 60min GLM outage

·         May 23, 1630-1730UTC: 60min GLM outage

·         May 23 - May 24, 1745-1745 24hr GLM GLM degraded radiometric data 

This testing will be postponed in the event of a critical weather day. Events will slip one business day, remaining at the same time of day, until they do not conflict with critical weather day