Update #2:  A successful callup pass was taken at Wallops on rev 29952 @ 08:08z. A 15m of 22.6m READMM was accomplished. Wallops will support rev 29953 while USG issues are worked out.

Update #1:  TM was received on the Wallops callup pass for rev 29951 and the S/C was nominal. No TM was received at USG2 and EUMETSAT was notified again and will send a technician to reset the ET.
Another callup pass will be taken at Wallops for rev 29952. This pass has a higher max el of 64.3 and we will perform a READMM.

Topic: Jason 3 - Rev 29950

Date/Time Issued: June 13, 2022 0850Z
Product or Data Impacted: Jason-3  rev. 29950

Date/Time of Initial Impact:  June 13, 2022 0451Z

Date/Time of Expected End: June 13, 2022 0808Z
Length of the Outage:  3 Hours and 18 mins
Details/Specifics of Change: ESPC received email from Jason3 controller stating:  No TM was received on J3/rev 29950 USG2 @ 04:31z. We were also unable to receive TM from USG1. CNES was notified and said it appears USG2 was not tracking and USG1 is down for maintenance. A callup pass will be attempted at Wallops on rev 29951 at 06:21z prior to the scheduled USG2 pass to verify health and safety. The Wallops pass only has a max el of 9.1 so no commanding will be attempted at Wallops.

Contact information for further information: ESPC Operations at ESPCOperations@noaa.gov or 301-817-3880

Web Site(s) for applicable information: N/A

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