Update #3: The date for this test has changed to July 27, 2022, and the HEAP IASI products table is now in the body of the notification

Update #2: Correcting date of issue to June 21, 2022

Update #1: The new Date for the operational implementation is July 23, 2022.

Topic: Operational Implementation of the Metop-B/C HEAP IASI in NCCF (NESDIS Common Cloud Framework)


Date/Time Issued: June 22, 2022 1307 UTC


Product(s) or Data Impacted:  Metop-B/C HEAP IASI Products


Date/Time of Initial Impact:  July 27, 2022 TBD UTC


Date/Time of Expected End: July 27,  2022 TBD UTC


Length of Event: TBD


Details/Specifics of Change: 

ESPC has implemented HEAP IASI Metop-B/C radiance products in BUFR and Environmental Data Records (EDR) products in NetCDF in the NCCF (NESDIS Common Cloud Framework) test environment. These products are now available on the PDA I&T distribution system for your subscriptions. The new NCCF short names and file names on PDA I&T with old short names and file names on PDA are listed below.  ESPC plans to transition the HEAP IASI Metop-B/C product generation into the NCCF by July 11, 2022. 


ESPC will retire IASI Metop-B/C on legacy systems in approximately two months after July 11, 2022.  Users should begin making the required updates to their processing/operations on July 11, 2022.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


PDA ShortName for NCCFNCCF FilenameCurrent PDA ShortName for on-premCurrent Filename for on-prem


Please note: This promotion might not be performed during Critical Weather Day (CWD).

Also, the products of this promotion are subject to change based on user readiness, customer feedback, and management approval. 


Additional ESPC notifications will provide further details and updates concerning this promotion.  User feedback and questions should be directed to Dr. AK Sharma awdhesh.sharma@noaa.gov 


Contact Information: For information on the status of this work, please contact Dr. AK Sharma awdhesh.sharma@noaa.gov or ESPC Operations at ESPCOperations@noaa.gov or 301-817-3880