Update #2: The investigation of the Ka-Transmitter anomaly is still ongoing. X-Band High Rate Data (HRD) received over Svalbard are being used to backfill SMD on a best-case basis.


Update #1: After soft and hard reset, there are still anomalous errors with the Ka-Transmitter with NOAA-21 (JPSS-2). All Stored Mission Data (SMD) Playback attempts are on hold. Anomaly response is ongoing to identify and resolve the root cause of the Ka-Transmitter anomaly.  Please note that NOAA-21 (JPSS-2) remains in Post Launch Testing (PLT) by the Mission Operations Support Team (MOST) and is not in operational service during this early checkout phase. ATMS data outage notifications will be limited to business hours only until Handover occurs in February 2023.


Topic:  NOAA-21 data outage


Date/Time Issued: January 17, 2023 1740Z


Product(s) or Data Impacted:  All NOAA-21 Products


Date/Time of Initial Impact:  December 16, 2022 02:49:37Z


Date/Time of Expected End: TBD


Duration: TBD


Details:  During Rev #508, NOAA-21 experienced an anomaly with the KA transmitter system on board. Engineering is currently troubleshooting. There will be no Science data from the NOAA-21 spacecraft until further notice. The NOAA-20 and S-NPP Spacecrafts will continue to provide all JPSS data needs.


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