Update #2: Pre-Storage checkout of GOES-17 has concluded and all instruments have been configured for storage and science data transmission has ended as of the times below.

ABI     - 14:46 UTC

SUVI   - 15:15 UTC

EXIS   - 16:15 UTC

SEISS - 16:27 UTC

MAG   - 16:35 UTC

GLM   - 16:52 UTC

As of 1657 UTC, GOES-17 has officially entered Standby mode. 

Update #1: The expected end time of the GOES-17 pre-storage checkout has been changed to 1200 UTC on March 14, 2023

Topic: GOES-17 Pre-Storage Checkout at 104.7 W

Date/Time Issued: March 14, 2023 1841 UTC

Product(s) or Data Impacted: All GOES-17 L1b, CMI, and GLM L2 Data Products

Date/Time of Initial Impact: February 10, 2023 1545 UTC

Date/Time of Expected End: March 14, 2023 1657 UTC

Length of Event: 31 days

Details/Specifics of Change: Starting this month, GOES-17 data generation and distribution will undergo testing from GOES-17's new Standby location at 104.7 degW.  This test period is the first opportunity for all GRB users to test their internal system's processing capabilities when receiving data from a GOES-R series spacecraft (GOES-17 in this case) at this orbital location.

GOES-17 GRB data distribution will be turned on for the period of February 10, 2023 at 1545 UTC through March 14, 2023 at 1400 UTC. The ABI will operate in Modes 3,4, and 6. Mode 6 will be the baseline mode for the full time period, but the Mode 3 "cooling timeline" will be used from February 11 through March 2 between the hours of 0400 -1000 UTC daily.  Data availability is detailed in the table below. Throughout the entire time period, data quality may be impacted by calibration and navigation issues, and there will be outages due to testing for which no notifications will be sent since GOES-17 is non-operational.

Data flows to Different Endpoints During GOES-17 Pre-Storage Checkout

2/10 - 2/27

2/27 - 3/12

3/13 - 3/14


All L1b, CMI, and GLM L2 products


All L1b, CMI, and GLM L2 products









GOES-17 testing will complete on Monday, March 13, 2023 and the spacecraft will enter storage mode on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 1400 UTC, at which time all product generation and dataflows will cease.

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