Topic: Metop-B In-Plane Maneuver

Date/Time Issued: Mar 29, 2023 0219Z

Product(s) Involved/Affected: All products from AMSU-A, ASCAT, ATOVS, GRAS, IASI, MHS,
AVHRR in the Metop Global Data Service and Regional Data Service will be temporarily degraded.
GOME-2 and SEM products will not be available.
Date/Time (UTC) Initial Implementation: Mar 29, 2023 (JDAY 088) 08:23 UTC

Date/Time (UTC) Expected End: Mar 29, 2023 (JDAY 088) 14:11 UTC

Length of Outage: 6 hours

Details/Specifics of Change:  A Metop-B In-Plane Maneuver will be performed Mar 29, 2023.
The SEM instrument will be placed into Maneuver Mode at 08:23 UTC on Mar 29, 2023 and returned to
its Normal Operating Mode at 14:11 UTC that same day.
The GOME instrument timeline ends and the mirror is parked before the burn at 11:37 UTC on Mar 29,
2023. The GOME timeline is reactivated at 13:19 UTC that same day.
Data from the outage period will not be recovered nor distributed.  

Contact Information for Further Information:  ESPC Help Desk at at 301-817-3880
Spacecraft Affected: NOAA-15 ☐ NOAA-18 ☐ NOAA-19 ☐ Metop-A ☐ Metop-B ☒

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