Topic: GOES-16 and GOES-18 software build update scheduled for May 23, 2023

Date/Time Issued: May 22, 2023 1911 UTC

Product(s) or Data Impacted: GOES-16 and GOES-18 ABI, EXIS, GLM, MAG, SEISS, and SUVI Level 1b products

Date/Time of Initial Impact: May 23, 2023 between 1400 and 1800 UTC 

Date/Time of Expected End: N/A

Length of Outage: N/A 


Details/Specifics of Change:  A GOES-16/GOES-18 software update (DO.12.01.02) is planned to go live on May 23, 2023 between the hours of 1400 and 1800 UTC. No data outage will occur when the updates go live. This update will result in changes to many of the L1b products, however no format changes to GOES ReBroadcast (GRB) will occur. The tables below outline the updates users can expect for the ABI, GLM, and Space Weather (i.e. EXIS, MAG, SEISS, & SUVI) products as part of this software change.

This software update will be made regardless of the issuance of a Critical Weather Day.

ABI Changes

WR 7945

Incorrect planck_fk1 metadata in L1b, CMIP and PUG

Fixes planck_fk1 units and long name in metadata

WR 8840

GSICS Correction in ABI L1b

Adds Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System (GSICS) correction metadata to ABI L1b

WR 9203

Enable SCMI netCDF Shuffle to reduce file sizes

Reduces file sizes of SCMI and other imagery products by adding Shuffle to netCDF array variables

GLM Changes

WR 7449

GLM Geographic Coverage Extents are incorrect

The lat_field_of_view_bounds and lon_field_of_view_bounds had small errors and are now fixed

Space Weather Changes

WR 6845

GPA update for SEISS MPS-HI and MPS-LO L1b IFC leakage

Resolves MPS-Lo IFC pulses leaking into L1b fluxes.  Fix failure from DO.09.01.

WR 8263

XRS SPP_roll_angle variable

Fixes SPP_to_Sun_roll_angle long name and comment attributes

WR 8323

EUVS line irradiances and ratios during bad pointing and low SPS signal

Updates the way irradiance fill values and quality flags are set during certain situations

WR 8404

MPS-HI and SGPS L1b data gaps near IFCs part 2

Resolves remaining SGPS  data gaps near IFCs.

WR 8787

SUVI J2000 time incorrect in netCDF files

Fixes error in metadata definitions of epoch time, which are relative to 2000-01-01 12:00:00 UTC (not J2000)

WR 8932

SUVI SAT_THR not calculated correctly

Returns SAT_THR to be the maximum theoretical recordable radiance

WR 8970

Mag L1b solar array current index label incorrect

Fixes telemetry mnemonics that correspond to the solar array current

WR 9326


Extends the ECEF_Z valid range values to +/-1.72e7

WR 7558

SUVI DATE_OBS, DATE_END need exp time subtracted

Resolves errors in DATE_OBS and DATE_END  metadata fields

WR 8745

SEISS EHIS He conversion from SGPS

Fixes EHIS Alpha Particle data by importing it from SGPS

WR 6780

SWx - G17 Solar array currents incorrect

Fixes reported Solar Array currents for G-17, 18, and 19

WR 9321

SUVI coordinates in metadata

Improves metadata resilience to O&A datagaps

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