UPDATE #1: The assessment performed by the CrIS Cal/Val Science Team has shown  that the anomaly impact is in the form of a cold radiometric bias with an estimated magnitude of about 0.1 K over the LWIR band  and 0.2 K over the SWIR band.  The performance of the SNPP CrIS SDR data has been evaluated and complies with the JPSS Level-1 requirements. The impact of the anomaly is well-understood and solutions are being developed and tested.  An update to this notice will be posted as new information becomes available. 

The Engineering Team has assessed the SNPP spacecraft and the CrIS instrument.  The health and safety of the spacecraft and payload continue to be nominal with the exception of the baffle temperature sensors on CrIS that have experienced a hard failure.  SMD data continues to be delivered to the ground for processing.  

Topic:  SNPP CrIS Scan Mirror Baffle Temperature Anomaly


Date/Time Issued: May 26, 2023 1205 UTC


Product(s) or Data Impacted:  SNPP CrIS SDR products


Date/Time of Initial Impact:  May 18 14:04 UTC


Date/Time of Expected End: TBD 


Duration: TBD


Details:  On May 18, 2023, around 14:04:47 UTC SNPP CrIS experienced a sudden drop in the scan baffle temperature reading. The baffle temperature telemetry value is used in the CrIS radiometric calibration. Science team is working on the impact assessment of the anomaly on the CrIS radiance data quality. Potential solutions are being tested to reduce the impact on the internal calibration target (ICT) radiance used in the calibration of the SNPP observations.

Please use SNPP CrIS Sensor Data Record products with caution until the ongoing investigation is complete and an update can be provided. 

Contact Information: For information on the status of this work, please contact Shuang Qiu (Shuang Qiu@noaa.gov) or ESPC Operations at ESPCOperations@noaa.gov or 301-817-3880

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