Topic:  NOAA-21 Secondary Satellite in Constellation Declaration 


Date/Time Issued:  November 9, 2023 1630 UTC


Product(s) or Data Impacted: N/A


Date/Time of Initial Impact: November 3, 2023 0000 UTC

Date/Time of Expected End:  N/A

Length of Outage:  N/A

Details/Specifics of Change: 

NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) has confirmed that it has assimilated the NOAA-21 sounder data (ATMS and CrIS) in its modeling system and the performance of the VIIRS Imagery product is acceptable, fulfilling the last requirement to declare NOAA-21 as the secondary and the JPSS satellites. As of November 3, 2023 at 0000 UTC assignments are now:

      Primary: NOAA-20

      Secondary: NOAA-21

      Tertiary: S-NPP

When majority of NOAA-21 products reach at least provisional maturity or better, NOAA-21 will be designated the primary satellite and the JPSS satellite assignments will be: 

      Primary: NOAA-21

      Secondary: NOAA-20

      Tertiary: S-NPP

Other messages to the community will be sent regarding NOAA-21 operational product availability as those product provisional milestones occur. The Tertiary designation for S-NPP means any non-nominal issue or ground resource constraint will be worked or addressed under a best-effort basis unless there is a satellite or instrument health and safety issue. 

Please reference the JPSS-2/NOAA-21 Product Operations Plan (POP) for details at:

The contents of this release are subject to change based on user readiness, customer feedback, and management approval. Additional ESPC notifications may provide further details and updates concerning this release.  

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