Satellite Source: Sentinel 2A
Mode: Multispectral
Resolution: 10 meter
Image Date & Time: 03-24-2018 1629 UTC

Confidence: High
Issued Date: 03-26-2018

Region: Gulf of Mexico
Location: 2856'16" N, 8858'14" W
Coverage Area: 28.61 km^2

Possible oil was observed in satellite imagery. This anomaly is unconfirmed 
as oil. The slick was believed to be emanating from the destroyed Taylor 
platform location and was oriented in accordance with winds to the NNE 
at the time of the image. The anomaly was distinguishable from its homogeneous 
surroundings and contained a shimmery area that was believed to be relatively 
thicker oil compared to the darker slick portion of the slick surrounding 
it. The N-S feathering signature also supported the anomaly's identification 
as being oil.

A more precise areal measure of the anomaly could not be attained due to 
the feathering and dark ocean background, but it is possible the area 
was larger than that calculated in this report.

Analyst: Velasco

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