Satellite Source: MODIS Aqua
Mode: Multispectral
Resolution: 250 meter
Image Date & Time: 05-08-2018 1901 UTC

Confidence: High
Issue Date: 05-09-2018

Region: Gulf of Mexico
Location: 2856'16" N, 8858'25" W
Coverage Area: 230.50 km^2

Possible oil was observed in satellite imagery. This anomaly is unconfirmed 
as oil. The anomaly measured 28.88 NM in length and 3.5 NM in width.
Confidence that the anomaly seen was oil is High. The anomaly appears to 
originate from a know leak source the destroyed Taylor Energy platform.
 The anomaly appeared bright white and had a shimmer in sunglint. The 
presence of thick oil was detected. The anomaly also exhibited feathering 
and had sharp turns. The anomaly in this image supports NRC report #1211589.

Due to the relatively low resolution of the Aqua imagery the area of the 
anomaly is an approximation.

Analyst: Westbrook

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