Satellite Source: RadarSat 2
Mode: ScanSAR Narrow VV
Resolution: 50 meter
Image Date & Time: 06-02-2018 2356 UTC

Confidence: High
Issue Date: 06-03-2018

Region: Gulf of Mexico
Location: 2856'16" N, 8858'15" W
Coverage Area: 8.68 km^2

Possible oil was observed in satellite imagery. This anomaly is unconfirmed 
as oil. The anomaly extended 8.8 NM to the ENE of the destroyed Taylor 
Platform and had an average width of 0.3 NM. It clearly stood out from 
the ocean background. Winds at the time of the image were out of the WSW 
at 10 KT which is consistent with the orientation of the slick.

There are no uncertainties since this is a known repeat leak source.

Analyst: Lee

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