Satellite Source: Landsat 7
Mode: Multispectral
Resolution: 30 meter
Image Date & Time: 06-24-2018 1625 UTC

Confidence: High
Issue Date: 06-24-2018

Region: Gulf of Mexico
Location: 2856'16" N, 8858'15" W
Coverage Area: 51.23 km^2

Possible oil was observed in satellite imagery. This anomaly is unconfirmed 
as oil. It is believed to be an oil slick that emanated from the Destroyed 
Taylor platform. The linear anomaly extended approximately 18.9 nm W-NE 
and 0.79 in width. The anomaly exhibited a combination of black, believed 
to be thinner oil, and silvery/white sections where oil is relatively 
thicker. The orientation of the anomaly aligned well with ocean currents 
data near the time of the image which were moving towards the NE at 3 

The extent of the oil is unknown towards the NE portion of the anomaly
due to natural seeps in the vicinity.

Analyst: Rodriguez

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