Satellite Source: Sentinel 1B
Mode: Interferometric Wide (IW) HH
Resolution: 5x20 meter
Image Date & Time: 07-08-2018 0017 UTC

Confidence: Medium-High
Issue Date: 07-08-2018

Region: Gulf of Mexico
Location: 2943'46" N, 9448'01" W
Coverage Area: 0.90 km^2

Possible oil was observed in satellite imagery. This anomaly is unconfirmed 
as oil. An anomaly was observed in northern Trinity Bay, TX and measured 
roughly 1.0 x 0.8 nmi and is likely associated with the NRC#1217656 report.
Measured winds at the time of observation were 5 knots, from the SE, and 
agree well with the anomaly's orientation. Modeled ocean currents in the 
bay were variable and under 1.0 knot. 
Confidence was determined to be Medium-High given the anomaly appears to 
be out of place and possessed a high contrast to its background surroundings.

The anomaly is generally rounded and may be a result of natural causes.

Analyst: Boll

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