Development of a Generic Notification Policy

The Information Processing Division has a notification policy in place
that covers current user problems related to calibration, navigation,
and level 1B data. Currently, we notify the user community, data
archive centers, instrument scientist, etc. when problems occur. They
are provided with information related to the specific nature of the
problem, when the problem appeared, when the problem was resolved,
specifics on the resolution of the problem, or status on events related
to the problem. There are occasions when IPD is informed by a data user
of a problem before it is detected internally. Appropriate action is
taken to verify the problem, to proceed with resolution and user
notification. Any information is posted on the Pre-Product Processing
web site and is sent out to direct readout users by Wayne Winston.

In response to user requests, Tom Renkevens and Emily Harrod are working
together to formulate a generic notification policy. This policy will
not only cover notices related to problems but also include notices of
plans and operational updates or changes. A first draft of the proposed
policy is attached (in WordPerfect, MS Word, and DOS text format).
All OSDPD Product Oversight Panels (POP) have been asked to review the
attached draft. If you have been contacted by your respective POP,
please ignore this message and reply to their inquiry. There are
several individuals/organizations that are not represented by a POP who
depend on level 1B data and other NOAA data that will be impacted by
this new policy. Please review the policy and forward your comments
back to me ( Unfortunately, we have a short turn
around time and need your input no later than April 18. We appreciate
your taking the time to give us your input and will be sure to include
it in our decisions to update the proposed policy. Thank you for your
* Emily D. Harrod
* Product Systems Branch
* Pre-Product Processing Group
* E/SP13, Federal Building #4, room 0318
* 5200 Auth Road
* Suitland, Maryland 20746-4304
* voice 301-457-5247
* fax 301-457-5199
* email

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Date April 4, 2002

POP Co-chairs:

Per a long standing Action (see below) from the Satellite Products and
Services Review Board
(SBSRB), this memo is to establish more formal procedures on the
notification procedures from
Product Oversight Panels (POPs) for product changes, outages (GOES or POES),
instrument problem alerts to users. Valuable information was received from
a number of POPs
outlining any existing procedures used by the POPs for notifying customers
as to these product
changes, outages (GOES or POES), or instrument problem alerts. A common
thread among the
responses was 'email notification' with also some internet based postings.

One of the problems that some users had was that messages were received in
varying formats
which can be confusing to the users. The goal of this action is to
establish a common format that
can be used by the POPs in the email dissemination to each POP's unique
customer email list.
By keeping the existing POP's unique customer email list(s), this will
prevent the over saturation
of information to users who are not interested in certain product areas.

However, it is proposed that all email messages will be posted to a common
web site so all users
can view email message from all POPs. This web page will be hosted by the
Satellite Services
Division, with links from the SPSRB web site. SSD is currently undergoing a
migration to new
web servers. Once this transition is complete, the POP members responsible
for disseminating
information will only need to add one email address to their email lists
(email address will be
forthcoming in the future). An example of a similar web site can be seen at
the SSD Bulletins

Attached is a format for message dissemination. In addition to a common
format used by the
POPs, a common time line for the dissemination of information shall be
established, based on the
degree of action needed by the user of the data. The more user
modifications that are required,
the longer the lead time for notification.

Please review the proposed format and survey your user community. After all
POP and user
comments are received, appropriate actions will be taken, an implementation
date will be set, and
a notice issued. The final format will be added to the website. Please
return your comments no
later than April 18, 2002 to If you have
questions please
contact (Phone 301-763-8081 ext 109) or (Phone 301-457-5247). Thank you for taking the time
from your busy
schedule to assist us in completing this task.

Action: The Level1b Update Notification Policy Team will develop draft
procedures and
formats for notification of users when changes occur. This procedure and
form may be used as a
prototype for all POPs when notifying users of changes, in order to apply
some consistency to the
notification process. They will coordinate with SSD on this issue (T.
Renkevens/E. Harrod).

Minimum Notification Time Table if no procedures are currently in place

Use current POP procedures tailored to current customers base should those
customers request
additional notification with greater frequency.

Major Change (those that require user modification)
at least 2 months, offering of sample dataset if applicable
Reminder in 1 month, 1 week, and within 1-2 days
Summary of results within 1-2 days after change occurred
Indicate Parallel testing where applicable
Minor Change (product upgrade, no user modification needed):
2 weeks
Reminder within 1-2 days
Summary of results within 1-2 days after change occurred
Short Notice Change (example: Rapid Scan Operation - a temporary change
to current
Immediately before implementation
Emergency Change, Outage, or Instrument Problems
Immediately after implementation
Updates with any new information

Common Format for Message Dissemination

Subject Line Format: Satellite(s), Instrument(s), Short Description, Date of
- Issued: Date Issued; Time Issued (HH:MM) UTC

Example of subject line in email:
NOAA-15, HIRS, Channel 7 Anomaly, 2/13/02 - Issued: 2/13/02

Subject: Similar as the subject line of the email, giving clues to the
reader if they need to read
on. A quick look to see if it affects their specific interests or product
Date/Time(UTC) Message Issued:
Satellite(s) Involved:
Instrument(s) Involved:
Product(s) Involved/Affected:
Date/Time(UTC) of Initial Implementation: Or if date/time is already past
the date/time that
the message was issued (emergency change, product or satellite failure) list
that date/time.
Details/Specifics of Change: This would be a longer section describing the
changes, ending date
of change if applicable, specific orbits (if applicable) on which anomaly
began or ended,
specifics on magnitude or impact of changes, and any threshold values for
acceptable change
including any 'miscellaneous' details not covered by other categories)
Contact Person(s) Name/Email/Phone Number for Questions: If at all
applicable, include a
group email address that sends to multiple contact points. This address
would not change when a
contact changes but only if the server change is made.
Web site(s) that contain other relevant information (where applicable):
List of some current NESDIS/NWS Web sites with product information and

SSD Bulletins Page:
Level 1B Page (IPD):
SOCC Daily Report
NESDIS Satellite Product
Overview Display
Control Center

NWS Change Notices:
Links to other NWS/NCEP Notices:

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