GDP Frame Synch change in SOCC

Around 1630Z, NOAA switched to using the GDP frame synchronizers.
Please look closely at all data and contact us if you are experiencing
any problems.
Thank you

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Subject: GDP Frame Synch change in SOCC
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 13:10:42 -0400
From: "Charlie Vance"
Organization: NOAA

At 16:00 Z SOCC turned off the Aydin Frame Synchronizers and put the GDP
Space Systems' Frame Synchronizers in their place. The GDP Frame Synchs
were turned on at 16:35Z and the first data received:

from Wallops CDA was a delayed STIP:
| 1547 | N-11 STIP 3B 64769 W |
NSS.TIPS.NH.D01106.S0809.E1200.B6476567.WI |

and from Fairbanks CDA:
| 1639 | N-16 HRPT 02923 F |
NSS.HRPT.NL.D01106.S1639.E1651.B0292323.GC |

The following data were also delayed and will be ingested using the GDP
Frame Synchs:

| 1553 | N-15 GAC 1A 15204 F |
NSS.GHRR.NK.D01106.S1359.E1540.B1520304.GC |
| 1434 | N-14 LAC 3A 32443 F |
NSS.LHRR.NJ.D01106.S1256.E1306.B3244242.GC |