NOAA-16 Array Move Question

Will you please review the proposal below. We would like to know what
impact this change will have on your processing. Please return your
comments on the impact of this change to Angelo Wade
( and Thursday, January 10.

If we do not receive a reply from you by COB on Thursday, we will assume
that there is no significant impact on your processing.
Thank you for your support.

***** origial mesage *****
NASA has recommended changing the solar array offset on NOAA-16 from -35
degrees to -45 degrees, primarily to preserve shunt life on the array.
This is a precautionary move that is intended to add life to the
spacecraft bus. However, the move will alter the thermal profile of the
s/c and possibly affect products from NOAA-16.

I'm requesting input from the user community before we act on the
recommendation. Would you please poll our user community for their
input on this subject? Thie issue is not an immediate concern, but we'd
prefer an answer by the end of this week. We're planning to move the
array early next week if the users don't have a problem with the move.