AMetop-2/A, All Instruments, Level 1b data Available for testing, 22 January 2007 - Issued: 22 January 2007; 1600 UTC

Metop test data available to user community

Date/Time(UTC) Message Issued:
22 January 2007, 1600 UTC

Satellite(s) Involved:

Instrument(s) Involved:
All NOAA instruments

Product(s) Involved/Affected:
All Products

Date/Time(UTC) of Initial Implementation:
22 January 2007, Time 1600 UTC

Details/Specifics of Change:

We now consider the Metop-2/A level 1b data stable and suitable for user testing. The test data is now available for users to check out their systems before the data is declared operational in April 2007. If you obtain level 1b data directly from us, we are asking that you reply to this email indicating that you would like to begin receiving or have access to the Metop-2 test data for the NOAA specific instruments through your normal operational processing system. Please identify the normal method used to provide the data to your organization and data type that you would like to receive. Since this data has not been declared operational, we are reminding you that the data may change with little or no prior warning to the user community. The level 1b data is also available through the archive system. CLASS.

The level 1b 44-character data set naming convention is the same as for other NOAA satellites. The level 1b data set naming convention uses M2 for the satellite identifier. The instrument identifiers are:
AVHRR data is FRAC for the full orbit 1.1 kilometer (km) resolution data and GHRR for the 4 km data. There is no LHRR data files.
HIRS data is HIRX.
MHS data is MHSX.

Contact Person(s) Name/Email/Phone Number for Questions:

Emily Harrod 301-817-3882
Lakel Smilth 301-817-3893

Web site(s) that contain other relevant information (where applicable): - History of level 1B notices - All user notices - SOCC polar satellite status - SOCC geostationary satellite status - SOCC morning reports

* Emily D. Harrod
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