MetOp-2/A, All Instruments, Maneuver Information, 12 July 2007 - Issued: 12 July 2007; 1600 UTC

Information on Today's Maneuver

Date/Time(UTC) Message Issued:
12 July 2007, 1600 UTC

Satellite(s) Involved:

Instrument(s) Involved:
All instruments

Product(s) Involved/Affected:
All Products/questionable earth locations

Date/Time(UTC) of Initial Implementation:
12 July 2007, Time 1448 UTC

Details/Specifics of Change:
Eumetsat performed an In-plane maneuver today at 1448 UTC. This should occur in the level 1B pass with the orbit identifier of ...B037778.SV. We expect approximately 17 minutes of data at the end of this pass to be earth located with pre-maneuver data. The following passes beginning with ... B0377879.SV to be earth located using post maneuver data. Since the accuracy of this earth location is uncertain, it will be marked questionable for the first 600 minutes following the maneuver. We plan to monitor the passes and update the earth locations as soon as possible, if needed.

Eumetsat has provided the following information on instruments with operations affected by the maneuver:

Details on the special planned operations on the instruments affected by the manoeuvre
Timeline NOT1920 starting at 2007-193-14:42:03Z is replaced with the command to perform parking of the scan mirror to internal target position. Command is executed at 2007-193-14:42:03Z (as part procedure MP_IGO3SMS, command execution duration up to 6 s)

SEM Switch off is started at 2007-193-09:22:07Z (executing procedure MP_ISEOFF, consisting in the execution of 15 commands spread over 14s)

SEM Switch on is started at 2007-193-15:38:03Z (executing procedure MP_ISEOFF MP_ISEONUPA in the execution of 16 commands spread over 15s)

No Special MEPED/TED Calibration after the switch on is required: next calibration activities are planned on 17/07/2007 (day 198).

Contact Person(s) Name/Email/Phone Number for Questions:
Emily Harrod 301-817-3882
William Byerly 301-817-3874

Web site(s) that contain other relevant information (where applicable): - History of level 1B notices - All user notices - SOCC polar satellite status - SOCC geostationary satellite status - SOCC morning reports

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