Administrative, NOAA-17 MIRP Rephase Function - Status Update, Issued: 27 March 2010 0200 UTC

NOAA-17 MIRP Rephase Function - Status Update

Date/Time Issued:
March 27, 2010, 0200 UTC

Product(s) or Data Impacted:

Date/Time of Initial Impact:
February 12, 2010

Date/Time of Expected End:

Length of Event:

Impacts on Users and Significance:
Possible major impact

Details/Specifics of Change:
This is a status update involving the NOAA-17 MIRP rephase function.

The NOAA-17 MIRP rephase function was disabled on March 9, 2010. It was toggled at 2010/084 19:57:15 and 2010/085 17:53:50. Two more will be taken, one on Monday (at 20:00 UTC), and one on Tuesday (at 19:37 UTC). At each instance of the rephase commanding, there may be a few frames of lost data. Currently, the “bar code” noise effect is still present in the data. Users will get notified when our engineers come up with and implement a solution.

Contact Information for Further Information:
ESPC Operations Crew Leader at and 301-817-3880