Administrative: NOAA-18, 19, MetOp-A/2 & MetOp-B/1, AVHRR, Monthly Visible Calibration Update, May 09 2017 - Issued: May 9, 2017 1501z

Topic: Visible calibration update for month of May 2017

Date/Time Issued: May 9, 2017 1501Z

Product(s) or Data Impacted: All products from channels 1, 2, and 3a

Date/Time of Initial Impact: May 9, 2017 1237 Z

Date/Time of Expected End: Until Next Month's Coefficient Update

Length of Outage: N/A

Details/Specifics of Change:

On May 9, 2017 at approximately 12:37 UTC, the following update of the calibration coefficients was implemented in the level 1B processing for NOAA-18, NOAA-19, MetOp-A/2 and MetOp-B/1 for the month of May. These coefficients are intended to be optimal on May 27, in the middle of the two scheduled updates.


Ch_1_lo = 0.05563*count - 2.191, count<500.62

Ch_1_hi = 0.1648*count - 56.85, count>500.62

Ch_2_lo = 0.06205*count - 2.506, count<503.00

Ch_2_hi = 0.1828*count - 63.23, count>503.00

Ch_3_lo = 0.03210*count - 1.349, count<500.85

Ch_3_hi = 0.2236*count - 97.26, count>500.85



Ch_1_lo = 0.05604*count - 2.266, count<501.01

Ch_1_hi = 0.1656*count - 57.16, count>501.01

Ch_2_lo = 0.06918*count - 2.750, count<500.42

Ch_2_hi = 0.2055*count - 70.95, count>500.42

Ch_3_lo = 0.03396*count - 1.395, count<501.94

Ch_3_hi = 0.2358*count - 102.73, count>501.94



Ch_1_lo = 0.06013*count - 2.371, count<501.54

Ch_1_hi = 0.1793*count - 61.66, count>501.54

Ch_2_lo = 0.07060*count - 2.782, count<500.40

Ch_2_hi = 0.2118*count - 73.81, count>500.40



Ch_1_lo = 0.05353*count - 2.081, count<496.43

Ch_1_hi = 0.1579*count - 54.28, count>496.43

Ch_2_lo = 0.06187*count - 2.400, count<500.37

Ch_2_hi = 0.1843*count - 63.62, count>500.37


The first 1b files produced with the updated CPIDS were:






For M2 & M1 the first orbits processed will be the one running after orbit:





Contact Person(s) Name/Email/Phone Number for Questions:

Dejiang.Han 301-817-4119 operations support

Xiangqian Wu 301-683-3601 instrument scientist

Web site(s) that contain other relevant information (where applicable): - History of level 1B notices - All user notices - SOCC polar satellite status

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