NOAA-16 - AMSU-A1 Oscillator Switch problems, 21 November 2002 - Issued: 22 November 2002; 1400 UTC

Local Oscillator switch causing data problems

Date/Time(UTC) Message Issued:
22 November 2002; 1400 UTC

Satellite(s) Involved:

Instrument(s) Involved:

Product(s) Involved/Affected:
All data users

Date/Time(UTC) of Initial Implementation:
21 November 2002 1550 UTC

Details/Specifics of Change:
NOAA-16 AMSU-A1 channels 9 - 14 are showing a change in the calibrated
brightness temperatures due to the switch to the redundant oscillator on
November 21 at 1550Z. Soundings has discontinued distribution of their
product until this problem has been resolved. IPD is working with the
instrument scientist and SOCC to determine the best course of action (new
calibration data, switch back to primary oscillator, etc.). We will
correct this problem as soon as possible and will notify the users. We
apologize for the impact of this change to the users and thank you for your
patience as we resolve it.

Contact Person(s) Name/Email/Phone Number for Questions: ext. 117 or ext. 129

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