NOAA-16 Update (STX and Earth Location)

Below are excerpts from the SOCC morning reports with information on
problems with the NOAA-16 STX-3 antenna. On October 9, the spacecraft
antenna system will be reconfigured to alleviate the problem. Also
provided is an update on the NOAA-16 earth location problem that occurred
over the weekend. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you.

SOCC SATOPS Morning Report October 1, 2001:
NOAA-16 rev 5248 / F at 1300z on September 28: Post-pass review of event
histories show that the STX3 transmitter power dropped dramatically at
1128z, from a nominal 9.09 watts, to 1.07 watts, where it has remained
since. Reports from HRPT (1M to 3M dish) users around the world (North
America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand) as of this Monday morning
indicate degraded reception in comparison to normal N-12/N-14 reception.
Investigations continue and a tiger team
meeting with NASA will convene tomorrow.

SOCC SATOPS Morning Report October 3, 2001:
NOAA-16 STX3 HRPT Update: On Tuesday, October 09, jday 282, the NOAA-14
HRPT signal will be switched from STX1 (1698 Mhz) to STX3 (1707 Mhz) at
000800z. The first support for this configuration will be 34920/F with AOS
at 000930z. STX1 will then be used for playbacks for NOAA-14. NOAA-16's
HRPT will be switched from STX3 (1707 Mhz), to STX1 (1698 MHZ) on the same
day at 000900z. The first support under this configuration will be rev
5496/F with AOS at 003700z. STX3 will be taken out of use and STX4 will be
used with STX2 for playbacks.

Earth Location:
In reference to the NOAA-16 earth location problems reported for September
30 and October 1, the following GAC and AIP (HIRS, AMSU,..) data were
reprocessed to replace the earth location in the level 1B archive. All HRPT
and LAC passes could not be reprocessed before the data was purged from the
mainframe. All other data affected by the problem will not be reprocessed.

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