NOAA-14 STIP Support - Correction , 10 October 2002 - Issued: 10 October 2002; 0230 UTC

NOAA-14 STIP Support - Correction

Date/Time(UTC) Message Issued:
10 October 2002 0230 UTC

Satellite(s) Involved:

Instrument(s) Involved:

Product(s) Involved/Affected:
Level 1B

Date/Time(UTC) of Initial Implementation:
8 October 2002 0000 UTC - NOAA-14 switch to STIP mode

Details/Specifics of Change:
On October 8, NOAA-14 was placed in STIP record mode. A notice was issued
stating that no HIRS data will be provided. HIRS data was not
discontinued. All HIRS STIP passes have been processed to date. Only GAC
data is not available. Also, four passes of HRPT data are available

Please remember that the Level 1B data set names now correspond to the STIP
naming convention where the "X" becomes an "S" such as NSS.MSUX.NJ....
becomes NSS.MSUS.NJ....

Please accept our apologies for errors in the previous message. We hope
that the erroneous announcement did not cause you any problems or missed

Contact Person(s) Name/Email/Phone Number for Questions:
Emily D. Harrod/ ext 117

Web site(s) that contain other relevant information (where applicable): - SOCC morning reports - History of level 1B
notices - All user notices