Status of NOAA-14 AVHRR

The NOAA-14 AVHRR has been experiencing problems over the past few
days. Below is information that we received from SOCC relating to the
problem. Please let us know if this caused you any processing problems?


SATOPS Morning Report October 22, 2001
As a result of the N14 AVHRR end-of-life condition, the N14 MIRP was
recommanded to AVHRR Sync Rephase Disabled multiple times on Friday
until the new stored command schedule resolved this issue at 0000z on
Saturday morning. Multiple data sets prior to the GAC received at 0258z
on Saturday, October 20, were corrupted due to AVHRR timing issues; this
has now been resolved via SCT and the other data from N14 should
continue without corruption due to the AVHRR.

October 20, 2001
The stored command table (SCT) returned the NOAA-14 MIRP to re-phasing
'enabled'. This command goes out at every day/night transition in order
to change the APT channel. To remedy this situation, the schedulers are
re-creating the SCTs for the next week with the MIRP commands removed.
The new set of SCTs will become active at 0000z tonight (JDAY 293 /
0000z). As soon as possible after 0000z, re-phasing will be disabled
and should remain so until further notice. The scan motor current
continues to run at ~190 mA.

SATOPS Morning Report October 19, 2001
NOAA-14 AVHRR Anomaly: The NOAA-14 AVHRR began behaving erratically
yesterday at approximately 1955z. At
that time, the scan motor current spiked up from ~120mA to ~163 mA and
decreased slowly to ~135mA by 2230z. Since
that time, the current has been steadily rising, reaching values as high
as 205 mA. The sync deltas indicated that the MIRP was
re-synching constantly in order to compensate for the AVHRR, resulting
in corrupted TIP data and AVHRR imagery.
Re-phasing was disabled on the MIRP at 1207z this morning, recovering
the rest of the TIP data stream. This is same
configuration being used on NOAA-15, and it will remain the NOAA-14
configuration until further notice.

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