Software Changes

The preprocessor release 2.7 will be implemented into operations on
December 14, 2000 between the hours 11:05 am and 12:15 pm local time.
The following items will be put into operations:
(1) New earth location software changes for all instrument which will
support all spacecraft ( NOAA-15, NOAA-16, NOAA-14, NOAA-12).
(2) NOAA-16 CPIDS - insert RFI values, and moonglint offset for HIRS
channel 19.
The first orbits to be processed for NOAA-16 will be
NSS.HRPT.NL.D00349.S1726.E1741.B0118989.WI ingest time
12:26 pm local and NSS.GHRR.NL.D00349.S1415.E1610.B0118788.WI ingest
time 12:46 pm local .

The first orbits to be processed for NOAA-15 will be
NSS.HRPT.NK.D00349.S1849.E1903.B1345656.GC ingest time
1:49 pm local and NSS.GHRR.NK.D00349.S1346.E1542.B1345354.GC ingest time

2:16 pm local.

The first pass after the update

Cecil A. Paris
Calibration Physical Scientist
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