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Oil-SPIRES Workshop

Location TBA

Technology Workshop for Oil Spill Response in California. (flyer)


Regularly scheduled TELCONs are held every Friday of the first full week of each month at 1 pm.
If you would like to join our next meeting please contact John Murray ( for details.
Date Location Documents
06/08/2018 Telecon Notes
05/18/2018 Telecon Notes
04/13/2018 Telecon Notes
03/09/2018 Telecon Notes
02/09/2018 Telecon Notes
01/12/2018 Telecon Notes
12/12/2017 Telecon Notes
11/17/2017 Telecon Notes
10/13/2017 Telecon Notes
09/15/2017 Telecon Notes
08/11/2016 Telecon Notes
07/14/2017 Telecon Agenda
04/14/2017 Telecon
03/10/2017 Telecon Notes
02/21/2017 U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters - Washington, DC Agenda
01/13/2017 Telecon Notes
12/09/2016 Telecon
11/18/2016 Telecon Notes
10/14/2016 Telecon Notes
09/09/2016 Telecon Notes
08/12/2016 Telecon --Canceled--
07/08/2016 Telecon
06/10/2016 Telecon
05/13/2016 Telecon Notes
04/08/2016 Telecon Notes
03/10/2016 NASA Headquarters - Washington, DC Agenda, Notes, SAR Oil Slick Characterization (PDF)

Team Projects

The FOSTERRS team is the process of developing a new webpage in an effort to make information more readily accessible to first responders and the public.