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Arctic Composite Imagery: Day 1

The Arctic Composite Imagery covering the Arctic Ocean from 50N to 90N is comprised of satellite data from GOES-16, GOES-18, Meteosat-9, Meteosat-10, Himawari-9, Metop-B, Metop-C, S-NPP and NOAA-20. Generated on an hourly basis, the imagery are available in five spectral wavelengths: Infrared (~11.0 µm); Longwave Infrared (~12.0 µm); Shortwave Infrared (~3.8 µm); Mid-Wave Infrared Water Vapor (~6.7 µm); and Visible (~0.6 µm).

All products are generated on an hourly basis, the data latency is two to three hours, and the spatial resolution is approximately 3 km.

(~0.6 µm)
Water Vapor
(~6.7 µm)
SW Infrared
(~3.8 µm)
(~11.0 µm)
LW Infrared
(~12.0 µm)
00-01 hr
01-02 hr
02-03 hr
03-04 hr
04-05 hr
05-06 hr
06-07 hr
07-08 hr
08-09 hr
09-10 hr
10-11 hr
11-12 hr