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May 25 at ~22:30 UTC, the GPS on the S-NPP spacecraft experienced errors and the geolocation of all observed data became inaccurate and out of the mission specifications. S-NPP VIIRS geolocation errors caused significant data quality degradation. As of May 30, 2024, S-NPP VIIRS ACSPO SST operational products are no longer being used. The N21 VIIRS ACPSO SSTs will replace the S-NPP VIIRS ACSPO SSTs in the gap-free BSST products starting in June 2024.

Geo-Polar Blended SST 5km Global Products

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The Geo-Polar Blended Sea Surface Temperature (GPB) Analysis is a level-4 high resolution ~5 km (0.05°) global SST product suite that includes three daily files: night-only SST, day-night combined SST, and diurnally corrected day-night combined SST files. (See Maturi, E., Harris, A., Mittaz, J., Sapper, J., Wick, G., Zhu, X., Dash, P. and Koner, P. (2017) A new high-resolution sea surface temperature blended analysis. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 98 (5). pp. 1015-1026. ISSN 15200477 doi: Products are generated and distributed operationally through OSPO and used in other operational product applications for Coral Reef Watch and Ocean Heat Content.

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