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At OSPO we offer a diverse range of products that provide essential information about Earth's environment. These products are derived from satellite observations and other sources, serving various applications such as weather forecasting, climate monitoring, environmental analysis, and disaster management. Our products support various stakeholders, including government agencies, researchers, emergency managers and industries, in making informed decisions, mitigating risks and addressing environmental challenges.


These products are derived from data collected by NOAA's advanced satellite systems and are crucial for monitoring and understanding the Earth's atmosphere. Some of the key atmosphere products provided by OSPO include satellite imagery, which offers high-resolution visual representations of cloud cover, storms, and other atmospheric features in near-real time.

Atmosphere Products


OSPO's land products provide valuable information about Earth's land surface. These products are derived from satellite observations and support a wide range of applications, including agriculture, land management, urban planning, and environmental monitoring.

Land Products


OSPO provides satellite imagery products that capture high-resolution views of Earth's surface, allowing users to observe land features, cloud cover, and atmospheric conditions. These images offer valuable insights into weather patterns, land cover changes, and environmental events.

Imagery Products



OSPO offers a diverse range of ocean products that provide valuable information about Earth's oceans and coastal regions. These products are derived from satellite observations and are essential for understanding and monitoring various oceanic processes and phenomena.

Ocean Products

Product Suites

Product Suites

Each of these product suites offered by OSPO is designed to provide comprehensive and specialized information for specific domains, catering to the needs of meteorologists, climatologists, oceanographers, land managers, and various other stakeholders.

Product Suites