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This NOAA site will no longer provide GOES-East imagery. For access to high resolution GOES-East imagery from GOES-16, please go to the site: We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

GOES Schedules and Scan Sectors

GOES West (GOES-15)   GOES East (GOES-16)
Imager   Imager
Routine Operations   Full Disk Mode Schedule
Full Disk Operations   ABI Flex Mode (Routine) Schedule
Rapid-Scan Operations    
Rapid Scan (Regional Sector) Operations    
Super-Rapid-Scan Operations    
Routine Operations    
Sectors (Imager)   Sectors (Imager)
Routine Scan Overview    
Rapid Scan Overview   Full Disk Scan Sector
Super Rapid Scan Overview   CONUS Scan Sector
PACUS Scan Sector   MESO 1 Scan Sector
Full Disk Scan Sector   MESO 2 Scan Sector
Northern Hemisphere Scan Sector   GOES-R Series Research Mesoscale Domain Sector (MDS) Request Form
Southern Hemisphere Scan Sector    
Sub-CONUS Scan Sector    
Southern Hemisphere Small Scan Sector    
Super Rapid Scan Operations
Scan Sector
Sectors (Sounder)    
Sounder Overview    
CONUS Scan Sector    
North Pacific Scan Sector    
Mexico Scan Sector    
Hawaii Scan Sector    

GOES-14 (105W)
Imager Sounder
Routine Operations Routine Operations
Full Disk Operations  
Rapid-Scan Operations Sectors (Sounder)
Super-Rapid-Scan Operations Routine Scan Overview
Super-Rapid Scan Test (SRSOR) CONUS Scan Sector
  Gulf of Mexico Scan Sector
Sectors (Imager) East Caribbean Scan Sector
Routine Scan Overview North Atlantic Scan Sector
Rapid Scan Overview  
CONUS Scan Sector INR Startup Schedules
Full Disk Scan Sector Routine Image Operations
Northern Hemisphere Scan Sector Routine Image Sector Overview
Northern Hemisphere Extended Scan Sector Routine Sounder Operations
Southern Hemisphere Scan Sector Southeast NH Sounder Sector
Southern Hemisphere Small Scan Sector Routine Sounder Sector Overview
Comparison of GOES-East and GOES-East Optimized Schedules