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Ozone and Atmospheric Chemistry Products

    Operational Products
Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment-2 (GOME-2) GOME-2 is a European instrument flying on the METOP series of satellites. NESDIS products are derived based on the SBUV/2 version 8 algorithm. Currently a total ozone product is operational, which includes aerosol index and reflectivity. Granule products are available as imagery (gif), binary or BUFR, and daily products (1 x 1.25 deg maps) are available in ASCII or GRIB2 format.

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GOME Sample Image

METOP Resolution: 40 x 80 Km Frequency: 3 Min Granules or Daily
Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Version 2 (SBUV/2) The SBUV/2 is a non-scanning, nadir viewing (field-of-view directly below the satellite track) instrument designed to measure scene radiance in the spectral region from 160 to 400 nm. SBUV/2 data are used to determine total and profile ozone in the atmosphere, and solar spectral irradiance. Products include a 1B Capture product (navigated and calibrated 1B data) in binary format, as well as a Product Master File (PMF) in binary or BUFR.

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SBUV/2 Sample Image

POES Resolution: 200 Km along nadir Frequency: Orbital or Daily
Total Ozone Analysis from SBUV and TOVS (TOAST) TOAST is a near real-time operational ozone map generated by combining TOVS tropospheric and lower stratospheric (4 to 23 km) ozone retrievals with SBUV/2 spatially smoothed mid-to-upper stratospheric (24 to 54 km) layer ozone retrievals. Products are imagery (png), binary or GRIB format.

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TOAST Sample Image

POES Resolution: 1 Deg x 1 Deg Frequency: Daily
Enhanced Total Ozone Analysis from SBUV and CrIS (ETOAST) An algorithm using Total Ozone Analysis of Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) and Solar Backscatter UltraViolet Version 2 (SBUV/2) has been developed to generate combined UV and IR ozone retrievals. This algorithm is a new version of the current Total Ozone Analysis using Solar Back scatter Ultra Violet (SBUV/2) and Television InfraRed Observation Satellite (TIROS) Operational Version Sounder (TOVS) (TOAST).

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TOAST Sample Image

POES Resolution: 1 Deg x 1 Deg Frequency: Daily

    Developmental Products
GOES Total Ozone Total column ozone is estimated every hour using GOES Sounder data. Estimates are currently limited to cloud-free and partly cloudy regions. Each image is a "pseudo" DPI (Derived Product Image) that is generated outside of the retrieval program by centering a colored square (3x3 field of view box) at the estimate location. Total column ozone is measured in Dobson Units (100 DU = 1 mm of thickness at STP).

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GOES Sounder Total Ozone Sample Image

GOES Resolution: 3 Deg x 3 Deg Frequency: Hourly