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NESDIS Marine Pollution Products

MOST RECENT REPORTS Last Update: 4/23/2018 21:13 UTC
Region Issue Date Source Image
Date & Time
Area (km2) Confidence Products Display
Gulf of Mexico 04-23-2018 Sentinel 1A 04-23-2018 0001 UTC 0.79 Medium txt  |  jpg  |  zip zoom
Gulf of Mexico 04-23-2018 RadarSat 2 04-22-2018 2352 UTC 13.45 High txt  |  jpg  |  zip zoom
Atlantic Ocean 04-21-2018 Landsat 8 04-21-2018 1533 UTC 0.05 High txt  |  jpg  |  zip zoom
Gulf of Mexico 04-19-2018 Sentinel 2B 04-18-2018 1628 UTC 7.34 Medium-High txt  |  jpg  |  zip zoom
Gulf of Mexico 04-18-2018 Landsat 7 04-18-2018 1557 UTC 0.86 High txt  |  jpg  |  zip zoom
Gulf of Mexico 04-13-2018 Landsat 8 04-13-2018 1625 UTC 3.93 High txt  |  jpg  |  zip zoom

Information on the Marine Pollution Program and the Marine Pollution Surveillance Report (MPSR)

  NESDIS Products

Archived Oil Spill MPSRs:  2018
Archived Marine Debris MPSRs (coming soon)

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For information on oil spill response and assessment please visit the Office of Response and Restoration.