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This NOAA site will no longer provide GOES-East imagery. For access to high resolution GOES-East imagery from GOES-16, please go to the site: We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Ocean Products

Coral Bleaching Operational Products
Bleaching Alert Area
Coral Bleaching Virtual Stations
Degree Heating Week Charts
SST Anomaly Charts
SST Nighttime Field Image Charts

Sample Coral Bleaching HotspotsDetailed Product Information

Ocean Color Okeanos Operational Products
Okeanos Ocean Color Products:

VIIRS Ocean Color Products

Chlorophyll Concentration   |   Remote Sensing Reflectance
Water Attenuation Coefficient

Chlorophyll Concentration   |   Remote Sensing Reflectance

MODIS / Aqua Chesapeake Bay
Chlorophyll Concentration   |   Remote Sensing Reflectance

Chlorophyll Fronts
Magnitude  |  Direction

MODIS / Terra NASA L2gen NIR (Backup)
Chlorophyll Concentration   |   Remote Sensing Reflectance

MODIS / Aqua Ehux Bloom (Retired)
8-Day Composite   |   Composite Calcite Concentration

Other Operational Products
Harmful Algal Bloom Bulletins (National Ocean Service and NESDIS)

Sample Ocean Color Image Detailed Product Information

Satellite derived
Ocean Heat Content
Operational Products
Satellite derived Ocean Heat Content:   North Atlantic  |  North Pacific  |  South Pacific

Sample Ocean Heat Content Image Detailed Product Information

Sea/Lake Ice Operational Products
Sea Ice Concentration
MIRS  |  MSPPS - (Mapped, Orbital)  |  SSM/I

Sample MSPPS Ice Coverage Image Detailed Product Information

Sea Surface Heights Developmental Products
Sea Surface Height Anomaly
Product Information Handbook Link (PDF 2.4 Mb)
Significant Wave Height
Product Information Handbook Link (PDF 2.4 Mb)

Sample Sea Surface height anomalyDetailed Product Information

Sea Surface Temperatures Operational Products
CoastWatch SST (POES) Overview  |  Geographic Locations  |  Data Archive
SST Anomaly Charts
SST Contour Charts
SST Images
SST Nighttime Field Image Charts
SST Monthly Mean

Developmental Products
CoastWatch SST (GOES)

Sample Sea Surface Temperature Image Detailed Product Information

Tropical Systems Operational Products  (SPSD Tropical Home Page)
Advanced Dvorak Technique - Objective Tropical Storm Classifier
Ensemble Tropical Rainfall Potential (eTRaP)
Multi-Platform Tropical Cyclone Surface Winds Analysis (MTC-SWA)
Tropical Bulletins
Tropical Cyclone Formation Probability Product
Tropical Storm Position and Intensity

Satellite Imagery
Geostationary Satellite Server - Hurricane Sectors
Pacific Ocean
Tropical Floaters

Tropical SystemsDetailed Product Information


Winds Operational Products
High Density Infrared Cloud Drift Winds
High Density Visible Cloud Drift Winds
High Density Water Vapor Cloud Drift Winds
GOES High Density Winds:   30 Days of Images
SAR High Resolution Coastal Winds

Ocean Surface Winds:
Jason-2 Winds (OSTM) Information - Handbook Link (PDF 2.4 Mb)
Advanced Scatterometer ASCAT Winds
        (provides a partial mitigation for QuikSCAT which failed November 23, 2009)
Wind Speed (SSM/I)

Sample TRaP ImageDetailed Product Information