NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

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Atmospheric Products


Aerosol Operational Products
Biomass Burning Emissions Product (BBEP)
Blended BBEP and GBBEPx

GOES Aerosol Smoke Product (GASP)
GASP-West AOD and ASDTA Smoke-West AOD
GOES Biomass Burning Emissions Product (GBBEP) West

Sample GASP Image Detailed Product Information

Clouds Operational Products
Cloud Liquid Water
Sounder Cloud Top Pressure (GOES)
Total Precipitable Water SSM/I

Developmental Products
Fog Depth
Fog/Low Cloud Imagery
Low Cloud Base Regional Imagery

Sample Cloud Type Product Detailed Product Information

Fire and Smoke Operational Products
Automated Biomass Burning Algorithm (ABBA) - from CIMSS
Fire Id, Mapping and Monitoring Algorithm (FIMMA)
VIIRS Active Fires Algorithm (VIIRS AF)
Fire Product Archive
GOES Aerosol Smoke Products (GASP):
GASP-West AOD and ASDTA Smoke-West AOD

GOES Biomass Burning Emissions Product (GBBEP): Blended BBEP  |  GBBEPx
Hazard Mapping System (HMS) Fire and Smoke Analysis

Developmental Products
Fire Risk
Smoke Text Product
Web Based GIS Fire Analysis (Download files)

Satellite Imagery
Fire/Smoke/Hot Spot Imagery
Fire/Hot Spot:  Floaters
Fire/Hot Spot Sectors:  Northern California  |  Southern California
GOES-West Sectors:  Regional  |  WFO Sectors

NPS Photo Forest Fire
NPS Photo
Detailed Product Information

Ozone & Atmospheric Chemistry Operational Products
Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment 2 (GOME-2) Total Ozone
Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Version 2 (SBUV/2)
Includes 1B and Product Master file, Daily and Orbital
Total Ozone from SNP/CrIS and SNP/OMPS (NTOAST)
Total Ozone from NOAA-20/CrIS and NOAA-20/OMPS (NTOASTj1)
Total Ozone from S-NPP/OMPS LP and S-NPP/CriS (LP LTOAST)
Ozone Mapping Profiler Suite (OMPS)

Developmental Products
GOES Total Ozone - from CIMSS

Example of OOPS Orbits and Total Ozone Detailed Product Information

Precipitation Operational Products
Ensemble Tropical Rainfall Potential (eTRaP)
Microwave Rain Rate: SSM/I  |  SSM/IS
Precipitable Water Index
Hydro-Estimator Rainfall
Satellite Precipitation Estimate Messages (SPENES)
Total Precipitable Water ATOVS  |  SSM/I

Sample TRaP Image

Detailed Product Information
Radiation Budget Operational Products
Absorbed Solar Energy - Daily & Monthly
Available Solar Energy - Daily & Monthly
Outgoing Longwave Radiation - Daily & Monthly

Sample Radiation Budget ImageDetailed Product Information

Soundings Operational Products
ATOVS: Atmospheric Temperature; Vertical Statistics
GOES Sounder Gridded Cloud Products
MIRS: Moisture Profiles; Temperature Profiles
Satellite Cloud Product (SCP)
NUCAPS: Global Gridded ImagesTemperature ProfilesRetrieval Statistics;
      Outgoing Longwave Radiation
Skew-T Profiles: GOES; POES
Sounder DPI

Sounder Lifted Index Sample Product Detailed Product Information

Volcanic Ash Operational Products
HYSPLIT Trajectories
SO2 Detects from Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI)
Washington, DC VAAC - Main Page  |  Volcanic Ash Advisories  |  Current Year Archive

Satellite Imagery
Real Time GOES Volcano Imagery
Land Imagery

Volcanic Ash Detailed Product Information

Winds Operational Products
High Density Infrared Cloud Drift Winds
High Density Visible Cloud Drift Winds
High Density Water Vapor Cloud Drift Winds
GOES High Density Winds:   30 Days of Images
SAR High Resolution Coastal Winds

Ocean Surface Winds:
Jason-2 Winds (OSTM) Information - Handbook Link (PDF 3.9 Mb)
Jason-3 Winds Handbook Link (PDF 2.3 Mb)
Advanced Scatterometer ASCAT Winds
        (provides a partial mitigation for QuikSCAT which failed November 23, 2009)
Wind Speed (SSM/I)

Sample TRaP ImageDetailed Product Information