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To view imagery from the operational GOES East (GOES-16) and GOES West (GOES-17) satellites, users may visit

Satellite Imagery Products

Archived Satellite Imagery Local Archive
21 Day GOES Archive - GOES West

Additional Archives
Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS)
University of Wisconsin (SSEC)

Historical Imagery
Operational Significant Event Imagery (OSEI)

Special Tropical Cyclone Pages
        Katrina '05  |  Rita '05  |  Wilma '05  |  Sandy '12  |  Haiyan '13 |  Harvey '17  | 
        Irma '17  |  Maria '17

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Arctic GOES / POES
Composite Imagery

This composite imagery product is generated every one hour at the visible, infrared, shortwave infrared, longwave infrared (two window channels), and the water vapor bands by using imager data from the following geostationary and polar-orbiting satellites: GOES (East and West), MSG (Prime and IODC), Himawari, S-NPP, JPSS, and MetOp (two satellites).

Coverage: 50°N ˜ 90°N

Product Link: 7 Days

Band Imagery:
   Water vapor (~6.7 µm): Image
   Visible (~0.65 µm): Image
   Infrared (~11.0 µm): Image
   Shortwave Infrared (3.7 to 3.9): Image
   Longwave Infrared (~12.0 µm): Image

Arctic Imagery

Composite Imagery: GOES Geostationary Satellite Imagery (GOES)
Continental US Composites GOES (Imager):  
10 Km (Mercator Projection)
12 Km (Polar Stereographic Projection)
Continental US Composites GOES (Sounder)
Page  |  PW  |  LI  |  CTP  |  CAPE
Northern Hemisphere Composites (imager):  
New 20 Km
Original 24Km:  Page  |  VIS  |  IR  |  Water Vapor

Sample GOES Watervapor composite
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Composite Imagery: POES Polar Satellite Imagery (POES)
Equatorial Mercator Composites
Hemisphere Composites
Microwave - AMSU and SSMI Composite Sectors

Sample Infrared Northern Hemisphere Composite
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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Spatial Data Products
for Geographical Information Systems:  

All imagery available from an anonymous FTP server
        (userid: your email address  |  password: anonymous)

GOES Data:   GOES East  |  GOES West
        Winds Data and Metadata  |  SST Data and Metadata

Polar Data:   AVHRR  |  TRMM  |  SSMI  |  AMSU

Surface Data

GIS Data Available Through Interactive Internet Mapping
GIS Fire and Smoke Detection Web Page
National Ocean Service's /nowCOAST/: GIS Mapping Portal to Real-Time Coastal Information

Sample AVHR/3 HRPT/LAC from level 1b
Detailed Product Information

Geostationary Satellite Server (GSS) Full Disk Images:
EUMETSAT Meteosat-7 (INDOEX) - Infrared  |  Visible
EUMETSAT Meteosat-10 (MSG) - Infrared  |  Visible
        West - Infrared  |  Visible
JMA (MTSAT-1) - Infrared  |  Visible

Sector Images:
Severe Storms and Special Events
Synoptic Scale Sectors:
        Northern Hemisphere
        Southern Hemisphere
Tropical Sectors

High Resolution GOES-East Imagery - from NESDIS/STAR
Main Page
Tropical Atlantic Imagery

Sample GOES east full disk IR image
Detailed Product Information

GSS Home Page

Global Mosaic of Geostationary Satellite Imagery (GMGSI) This product is generated every 3 hours including global geostationary longwave infrared (IR), shortwave IR and visible composites image at 8 km spatial resolution. In the generation of the global geostationary composite images, GOES, METEOSAT, and Himawari-8 datasets are remapped and concatenated using standard McIDAS image commands to generate an image dataset in AREA file and NetCDF format.

Global Mosaic:
Global Visible Mosaic - image  |  loop
Global Longwave Infrared Mosaic - image  |  loop
Global Shortwave Infrared Mosaic - image  |  loop
Satellite Sensor Composite - image  |  loop

Sample Global Mosaic Image

GOES, METEOSAT and Himawari-8 Resolution: 8 Km Frequency: 3 hours
Land Sectors High Resolution GOES-East Imagery - from NESDIS/STAR
Main Page
Tropical Atlantic Imagery

GOES West  (Overview)
Western U. S.
Regional Sectors:
Alaska  |  Central Plains  |  Central West Coast  |  Hawaii
Northern Plains  |  Pacific Northwest  |  Southwest

NWS Weather Forecast Office (WFO) Regions (List)
Central Region  |  Southern Region  |  Western Region

HIMAWARI  (Overview)
Pacific Region (Guam and Micronesia)
Northwest Pacific Imagery (Japan, Eastern China)
Southern Pacific Countries/Islands (Fiji, New Zealand, Vanuatu, etc)
West Pacific Imagery (Philippines, Southeast Asia)
Tropical Northwest Pacific Imagery
Tropical Southwest Pacific Imagery
Tropical East Asia Imagery
Tropical West Australia Imagery

Sample IR image of midwest sector
Detailed Product Information

Ocean Sectors Geostationary Satellite Imagery (GOES)
Atlantic Ocean Sectors (Includes SST and Tropical Floaters)
Caribbean Sea  |  Central Atlantic  |  East Atlantic  |  Gulf of Mexico
North Atlantic  |  Northeast Atlantic  |  Northwest Atlantic
Tropical Wide View  |  West Atlantic

Pacific Ocean Sectors (Includes SST and Tropical Floaters)
Central Pacific  |  Eastern East Pacific  |  East Pacific  |  Hawaii
Tropical Wide View  |  West Central Pacific  |  West Pacific

Polar Stereographic Sectors
Atlantic: Northwest Atlantic  |  North Atlantic  |  Northeast Atlantic
Pacific: Northeast Pacific  |  Northwest Pacific

Polar Satellite Imagery (POES)
AMSU and SSMI Sectors
This polar imagery is linked from the ocean sector pages (above) that are 4KM resolution or greater.

map of polar stereographic north atlantic Detailed Product Information

    Hazard Specific Imagery and Related Products
Fire and Smoke Operational Products
Automated Biomass Burning Algorithm (ABBA) - from CIMSS
Fire Id, Mapping and Monitoring Algorithm (FIMMA)
VIIRS Active Fires Algorithm (VIIRS AF)
Fire Product Archive
GOES Aerosol Smoke Products (GASP):
GASP-West AOD and ASDTA Smoke-West AOD

GOES Biomass Burning Emissions Product (GBBEP): Blended BBEP  |  GBBEPx
Hazard Mapping System (HMS) Fire and Smoke Analysis

Developmental Products
Fire Risk
Smoke Text Product
Web Based GIS Fire Analysis (Download files)

Satellite Imagery
Fire/Smoke/Hot Spot Imagery
Fire/Hot Spot:  Floaters
Fire/Hot Spot Sectors:  Northern California  |  Southern California
GOES-West Sectors:  Regional  |  WFO Sectors

NPS Photo Forest Fire
NPS Photo
Detailed Product Information

Tropical Systems Operational Products  (SPSD Tropical Home Page)
Advanced Dvorak Technique - Objective Tropical Storm Classifier
Ensemble Tropical Rainfall Potential (eTRaP)
Multi-Platform Tropical Cyclone Surface Winds Analysis (MTC-SWA)
Tropical Bulletins
Tropical Cyclone Formation Probability Product
Tropical Storm Position and Intensity

Satellite Imagery
Geostationary Satellite Server - Hurricane Sectors
Pacific Ocean
Tropical Floaters

Tropical SystemsDetailed Product Information


Volcanic Ash Operational Products
HYSPLIT Trajectories
SO2 Detects from Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI)
Washington, DC VAAC - Main Page  |  Volcanic Ash Advisories  |  Current Year Archive

Satellite Imagery
Real Time GOES Volcano Imagery
Land Imagery

Volcanic Ash Detailed Product Information

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