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A new Sensor Processing System (SPS) software will be released on 4/21/2014 for GOES-15 and 4/22/2014 for GOES-13. The new SPS release 10.4.1 replaces version 10.2 and corrects the following issues observed with GOES-13/14/15 imagers and sounders.

GOES-15 Sounder Short-Wave striping. This problem was observed during GOES-15 Post-Launch Testing (PLT) and was discovered to be due to detector-to-detector and line-to-line (East to West vs. West to East) differences. The correction algorithm corrects both problems in real-time (line by line). More detail can be found in the paper, "A Real Time De-Striping Algorithm for Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) P Sounder Images" by Zhenping Li, and images in the presentation "GOES15_Sounder_Destriping_Correction" by University of Wisconsin scientists.

GOES-13 IR Channels 2 (3.9 um) and 4 (10.7 um) registration difference was discovered to be 1 pixel or greater at certain times of day. This can cause false fog data which uses the difference between these two channels. A registration correction algorithm was developed into SPS v10.4.1 which shifts one of these channels towards the other based on whichever is closer to visible channel. When channel-2 needs correction it is shifted one full pixel whenever the difference is more than 0.5 pixel. When channel-4 needs correction (GOES-14), the data are resampled to make full correction so the two channels registration better match. More detail can be found in the paper, "GOES IR Channel to Channel Co-Registration Correction Implementation and GVAR changes" by Zhenping Li.

GOES-13 Sounder Dropped Pixel Correction: The last significant element included in this software release is the implementation of an algorithm which utilizes a second sync-bit code if the first is not found. This algorithm will allow the software to recover what was previously considered as lost data blocks which are depicted as missing pixels (black spots) since July 2013. More detail can be found in the paper, "SPS 10.4.1 Release Notes" by David Herceg.