NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations


GOES-13 Sounder IR data is not available. All products from GOES-13 (GOES-East) Sounder IR data have been halted and distribution has been stopped except the Sounder ASOS SCP products for CONUS, which are replaced with GOES-East Imager ASOS SCP products for CONUS. Engineers are investigating the problem.

GOES Land Surface Temperature - IPT Members

• STAR Lead: Yunyue (Bob) Yu
• OSPO Lead: Hanjun Ding
• OSD: Tom Schott
• DCDC: Philip Jones
• Developers: Yuling Liu (IMSG), Lillian Sun (GMU), Li Fang (GMU)
• Maintenance Staff: Rao Venkata (OSPO), Sterling Spangler (OSPO)