NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 11 MSU Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
ANTENNAMicrowave Sounding UnitGreen
CHANNEL R1Radiometric Channel R1, 50.30 GHzGreen
CHANNEL R2Radiometric Channel R2, 53.74 GHzGreen
CHANNEL R3Radiometric Channel R3, 54.96 GHzGreen
CHANNEL R4Radiometric Channel R4, 57.95 GHzGreen
SCAN MOTORMicrowave Sounding Unit Scan MotorRed

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
02/27/199914:45:00SCAN MOTORMSU was powered off.
02/26/199915:00:00SCAN MOTORSpace count data read 2300 counts (nominal 600-700 counts). Scan motor was powered off.
11/26/1989 Instrument position encoder telemetry provided false intermittent readings.
09/24/198810:36:00ANTENNAOn Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00SCAN MOTOROn Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00CHANNEL R1On Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00CHANNEL R2On Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00CHANNEL R3On Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00CHANNEL R4On Orbit