NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 12 COMM Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
BTX 1Beacon Transmitter #1 (136.77MHz)Green
BTX 2Beacon Transmitter #2 (137.77MHz)Green
STX1S-Band Transmitter #1 (1698MHz)Green
STX2S-Band Transmitter #2 (1702.5MHz)Green
STX3S-Band Transmitter #3 (1707MHz)Green
STX4S-Band Transmitter #4 (2247.5MHz)Green
VTX1VHF Transmitter #1 (137.50MHz)Green
VTX2VHF Transmitter #2 (137.62MHz)Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
08/03/200413:43:00 Turnon TIROS Monitor Unit (TMU) for STX-4 (undervoltage trip recovery).
07/30/200415:25:00VTX1VTX-1 (APT data) commanded back on and performing nominally Status upgraded to Green.
07/30/200415:22:00VTX1Turnon VTX Transmitter #1 for APT data (UVTRIP recovery operation)
07/25/200423:18:00VTX1VTX-1 (APT data) autonomously powered off by battery undervoltage trip. Status downgraded to RED until powered back on.
12/07/200301:00:00VTX1Turn VHF transmitter 1 on. Conflict with N15 ended.
11/03/200320:35:00VTX1Turnoff N12 VHF trasmitter 1 (VTX-1, APT data)
11/03/200320:35:00VTX1Turn VHF transmitter 1 off because of RF conflict with N15
08/16/200312:01:00VTX1Turnon VTX-1, RF conflict with N15 ended.
07/10/200323:59:00VTX1Turn VTX1 transmitter (APT data) off for approxemately 1 month because of RF conflict with N15.
04/21/200320:29:00VTX1TURN VTX-1 ON. RF Conflict with N15 ended.
03/16/200310:00:00VTX1Turnoff VTX1 because of RF conflict with N15 through 20 Apr 03
12/22/200208:50:00VTX1 APT/VTX turned back on, conflict with N15 ends.
05/14/199115:26:00STX1On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00STX2On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00STX3On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00STX4On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00BTX 1On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00BTX 2On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00VTX1On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00VTX2On Orbit