NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 18 DCS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
ANTENNAData Collection Subsystem - UHF Collection AntennaGreen
DPUData Collection Subsystem - Data Processing UnitGreen
DRUData Recovery UnitGreen
PCUData Collection Subsystem Power and Command UnitGreen
RECEIVERData Collection Subsystem Receiver and Search UnitGreen
RPUReceiver and Power UnitGreen
SPUSignal Processing UnitGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
06/13/200517:40:00DRUTurn off Data Recovery Unit (DRU) 8 as requested due to problems reported from CNES.
06/01/200516:36:00DRUDRU-8 powered off then back on 3 minutes later. Reason: Concerns about performance.
05/30/200516:55:00DRUDRU-1 turnon. All DCS DRUs now on.
05/30/200515:15:00DRUDRU-2 turnon
05/30/200513:33:00DRUDRU-3 turnon
05/30/200511:51:00DRUDRU-4 turnon
05/30/200510:15:00DRUDRU-5 turnon
05/30/200508:40:00DRUDRU-6 turnon
05/28/200517:15:00DRUDRU-7 powered up, 1-6 remain off
05/27/200518:46:00 DCS-B side powered up.
05/27/200517:10:30SPUSPU powered up
05/27/200517:10:15RPURPU powered up
05/27/200517:10:00RECEIVERReceiver powered up, operational
05/27/200517:09:45PCUPCU powered on and operational
05/27/200517:09:30DPUDPU powered up and online.
05/27/200517:09:15DRUDRU-8 powered on 1-7 remain off.
05/27/200517:09:10ANTENNAOn orbit, operational
05/27/200517:09:00 DCS-A side powered on