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GOES-15 supplemental operations ended on March 2, 2020. The distribution of GOES-15 satellite products has been discontinued.

To view imagery from the operational GOES East (GOES-16) and GOES West (GOES-17) satellites, users may visit

Image Products

Welcome to the image products home page. Operational image products are generated from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) Global Area Coverage (GAC) data recorded on the NOAA polar orbiting satellites. Some of these products are now available online.

NOTE: Online products are not considered "operational" - please read our disclaimer.

Global Vegetation Index (GVI) Products

GVI products consist of the normalized density vegetation index, the fractional vegetation index, and the precipitable water index. The first two products are a measurement of the Earth's 'greenness' and the third product is a measurement of the water vapor amount.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index image
Normalized Density Vegetation Index image.

Microwave Surface and Precipitation Products System (MSPPS)

MSPPS provides near real-time surface precipitation products from AMSU-A and AMSU-B brightness temperatures. The AMSU instruments are a microwave sounding platform that resides on-board the NOAA polar orbiting satellites, beginning with the NOAA KLM series of satellites. All MSPPS data sets are in HDF-EOS format and can be obtained through NCDC.

AMSU-A Total Precipitable Water image
AMSU-A Derived Total Precipitable Water

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