NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 11 SSU Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
CHANNEL 1Radiometric Channel #1Green
CHANNEL 2Radiometric Channel #2Green
CHANNEL 3Radiometric Channel #3Green
SCAN MIRRORStratospheric Sounding Unit Scan MirrorGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
08/15/200312:00:00 Subsystem has been performing nominally. Correct color should be green.
11/07/199914:50:00 Command sent to re-sync SSU
11/07/199913:12:00 SSU not in sync
08/15/199901:56:00 Command sent to re-sync SSU
08/14/199921:12:00 SSU not in sync
03/09/199814:30:00 SSU not in sync and was command back in synch
05/02/1990SCAN MIRRORHistory file diagnotics indicate scan pattern error.
01/15/1990 Lost synchronization due to noise spike on 1 Hz clock line.
09/24/198810:36:00SCAN MIRROROn Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00CHANNEL 1On Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00CHANNEL 2On Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00CHANNEL 3On Orbit