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NOAA 12 CCS Subsystem Summary

Component Status:

CIUControls Interface Unit 
CPC1Controls Power Converter 1 
CPC2Controls Power Converter 2 
CPU 1Central Processing Unit 1Green
CPU 2Central Processing Unit 2Green
CXUCIU AnnexGreen
GRD1GSTDN Receiver/demodulator #1 
GRD2GSTDN Receiver/demodulator #2 
RXO 1Primary Redundant Crystal OscillatorGreen
RXO 2Backup Redundant Crystal OscillatorGreen
SCUSignal conditional unitGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
08/10/200717:12:00 Deactivates NOAA-12
08/10/200717:12:00CIUOpens hardware CAP
07/30/200415:21:00CIUClose CIU Hardware CAP (UVTRIP Recovery operation)
12/10/200300:01:00CPU 2Initiate +6.5 mSec daily clock correction to compensate for drift.
10/17/200317:40:00CPU 2Add 1000 msec to spacecraft command clock control side.
10/17/200317:40:00CPU 2Verify stored command table restarts at correct location
10/01/200317:30:00CPU 2Disabled yaw updates to both CPUs
09/24/200321:40:00CPU 1Dumps word in location 12E9
09/28/200213:10:00CPU 1Recovers CPU CARP data from control CPU
05/14/199115:26:00RXO 1On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00CXUOn Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00CPU 2On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00CPU 1On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00CIUOn Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00RXO 2On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00SCUOn Orbit