NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 14 CCS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
CIUControls Interface UnitGreen
CPC1Controls Power Converter 1Green
CPC2Controls Power Converter 2Green
CPU 1Central Processing Unit 1Red
CPU 2Central Processing Unit 2Green
CXUCIU AnnexGreen
GRD1GSTDN Receiver/demodulator #1Green
GRD2GSTDN Receiver/demodulator #2Green
RXO 1Primary Redundant Crystal OscillatorGreen
RXO 2Backup Redundant Crystal OscillatorGreen
SCUSignal conditional unitGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
05/23/200714:55:00 Termination of NOAA-14 mission
05/16/200714:40:00 Loads news ESA biases and scale factors. Begins safety macro. Disables memory checksumming
10/05/200619:15:00 Return to Bus-B and re-enable bus switching. Return to Nominal attitude mode. Clear DFS overflow and Lvl9 error counts. Re-enable IMU switching
08/10/200617:55:00 Plays back GAC recording, re-enables redundancy management actions, removes CDTBL changes.
08/10/200614:47:00 Pitch maneuver setup, reconfigures CDTBL, disables much redundancy management, begins maneuver macro
08/08/200618:20:00 Loads thruster telemetry into macro telemetry slots
08/08/200613:28:00 Loads maneuver power safety macro
08/08/200613:27:00 Loads Wallops abort macro
08/08/200613:26:00 Loads interial hold safety macro
08/08/200613:25:00 Loads pitch over maneuver macro
12/31/200523:50:00CPU 2Subtract 1.5 sec (1500 msecs) from spacecraft command clock CONTROL side to compensate for leap second on 1 Jan 06 and general drift over the past year.
06/30/200423:59:00CPU 2Subtract 150 msec from spacecraft command clock control side.
12/23/200323:31:00CPU 2Bias daily 24 hr. ETCUP to include -7 msec.
12/23/200323:30:00CPU 2Subtract 50 msec from spacecraft command clock control side.
09/19/200118:30:00CIUCommanded bus back to B from A
09/10/200101:25:00CIUSpacecraft switched bus from B to A
10/25/1995CPU 1On Board Processor #1 (OBP1) failure. No command path.
12/30/199410:36:00RXO 1On Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00RXO 2On Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00CIUOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00CPU 1On Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00CPU 2On Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00CXUOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00SCUOn Orbit