NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 17 DHS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
AIP1AMSU Information Processor side 1Green
AIP2AMSU Information Processor side 2Green
DDR2ADigital Data Recorder #2 A SideGreen
DDR2BDigital Data Recorder #2 B SideGreen
DTR1ADigital Tape Recorder - 1 A SideGreen
DTR1BDigital Tape Recorder - 1 B SideGreen
DTR3ADigital Tape Recorder - 3 A SideGreen
DTR3BDigital Tape Recorder - 3 B SideGreen
DTR4ADigital Tape Recorder - 4 A SideGreen
DTR4BDigital Tape Recorder - 4 B SideGreen
DTR5ADigital Tape Recorder - 5 A SideRed
DTR5BDigital Tape Recorder - 5 B SideRed
MIRPManipulated Information rate ProcessorGreen
TIP1TIROS Information Processor Side 1Green
TIP2TIROS Information Processor Side 2Green
XSU1Cross-strap Unit Side 1Green
XSU2Cross-strap Unit Side 2Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
02/14/201319:10:27MIRPTIP02 Swap -MIRP Command
02/14/201319:10:19DTR4ATIP02 Swap -Start Recorder 4A
02/14/201319:07:42DTR4BTIP02 Swap - Stop Recorder 4B
02/14/201319:04:31DTR4ATIP02 Swap - Stop Recorder 4A
02/14/201319:02:53TIP2Swap to TIP02
02/12/201313:19:28DTR4ATIP01 Swap -Start recorder 4A
02/12/201313:19:20DTR4ATIP01 Swap -Stop Recorder 4A
02/12/201313:19:15DTR4BTIP01 Swap -Stop Recorder 4B
02/12/201313:14:18DTR4ATIP Swap - Stop Recorder 4A
02/12/201313:11:52TIP2Swap to TIP1
02/12/201313:11:52TIP1Swap to TIP1
10/29/201212:00:00DTR4BRemove DTR4B from the schedule due to degradation.
04/20/201118:17:00MIRPAVHRR/MIRP Rephasing, AIP data returned
04/20/201118:17:00AIP1McMurdo call-up pass performed to assess real-time AIP telemetry coming out of the AIP. After receiving nominal AIP data, a MIRP rephase was performed.
04/20/201117:36:00AIP1Configured STX2 & STX4 for TIP Bi-Phase to determine whether or not AIP could successfully output TIP Bi-Phase data. Prior to LOS, STX4 was configured for AIP data in preparation for a McMurdo call-up pass at 18:09 UTC.
04/20/201115:51:00AIP1NOAA-17's STX2 was activated and configured for both AIP and TIP data in order to determine whether or not the AIP could output both data types and to verfity that FCDAS could receive real-time telemetry from the AIP via STX2.
04/20/201114:15:00AIP1NOAA-17's STX4 was activated and configured for AIP data in order verify that the AIP was putting out AMSU frames.
04/20/201101:28:34MIRPAIP data from the MIRP no longer transmitting as of 01:28:34 - immediately following an MIRP Rephase for AVHRR.
05/07/201019:56:01MIRPEnable MIRP Rephase for 10 Seconds
03/30/201019:40:31MIRPEnable MIRP Rephase for 10 Seconds
03/29/201020:04:55MIRPEnable MIRP Rephase for 10 Seconds
03/26/201017:53:50MIRPEnable MIRP Rephase for 10 Seconds
03/25/201019:57:15MIRPEnable MIRP Rephase for 10 Seconds
03/09/2010MIRPMIRP Rephase disabled - Corrects for data drop outs from AVHRR Scan Motor Instabilities
01/24/200816:15:30DTR4AForward play DTR4A.
01/24/200816:15:30DTR4AStop forward play of DTR4A.
01/24/200816:15:30DTR4APlayback GAC data from DTR4A.
01/24/200816:15:30DTR4AStop GAC playback from DTR4A.
01/24/2008DTR4AStop GAC record on DTR4A.
01/17/200818:52:00DTR4AStop GAC record on DTR4A for STX-4 testing.
01/17/200818:52:00DTR4AForward play DTR4A for STX-4 testing
01/17/200818:52:00DTR4AStop forward play of DTR4A for STX-4 testing
01/17/200818:52:00XSU2Config. STX4 to DTR4A for STX-4 testing
01/17/200818:52:00DTR4AStop GAC playback from DTR4A for STX-4 testing
01/15/200821:22:00XSU2This CP will turn off XSU Side 1 and turn on XSU Side 2.
11/08/200614:02:20TIP2Returns TIP and all recorders to nominal orbital mode
11/08/200612:33:00TIP2Dwell on analog channel 292 (DTR1 current, NDTR1I)
11/08/200610:40:00TIP2Dwell on analog channel 340 (DTR4 current, NDTR4I)
11/08/200607:17:30TIP2Dwell on analog channel 324 (DTR3 current, NDTR3I)
11/08/200603:55:00TIP2Dwell on analog channel 308 (DDR2 current, NDDR2I)
09/20/200615:10:00TIP1Swap TIP side from 1 to 2.
08/02/200601:00:00DTR4ADTR4A pressure has dropped approximately 50% since 1 Jan 2003 (to 6 PSI from 11.5 during OV). Possible leak of nitrogen gas within transport unit casing. No indications of record or playback quality degradation.
10/18/200514:51:00DDR2BPlayback STIP in Reverse Direction at 2.66 MBPS. (Playback was successful.)
05/19/200518:40:00TIP1N18 support test completed. Return to dwelling on bus voltage NPSEBUSV channel number 153
05/19/200515:25:00TIP1Comparative check on N17 in support of N18 pitch ocsillation TOAR. Dwell on NSADBDPY channel number 274
09/02/200417:06:50XSU1Configure XSU for AIP on STX 4
09/02/200417:06:50XSU1Deconfigure STX 4 Interface
09/24/200317:20:00XSU1Deconfigure XSU for STX-4 AIP
09/24/200317:20:00XSU1Deconfigure XSU AIP for STX-4
09/24/200315:35:00XSU1Configure XSU for AIP downlink
04/15/200315:39:00 Configure XSU for AIP on STX 4
03/27/200323:59:00TIP1Subtract 75 mSecs from control CPU command clock.
03/27/200323:31:00TIP1Subtract 75 mSecs from non-control CPU command clock.
03/07/200316:05:00DTR5ADTR5A test, partial STIP record & playback. Unsuccessful results.
02/15/200315:15:00DTR5ADTR5A and B will not playback data and most analog points are showing much lower than expected values while either unit is in operational mode.
02/15/200315:15:00DTR5BDTR5A and B will not playback data and most analog points are showing much lower than expected values while either unit is in operational mode.
01/24/200318:30:00XSU1Turnoff cross strap to STX-4
11/26/200212:00:00TIP1Change daily ETCUP bias from +0.6 mS to 0.0 msec
09/24/200212:01:00MIRPAVHRR APT channel switching reconfigured: APT-A = 2 (day) 3B night and APT-B = Channel 4 (always)
09/10/200212:15:00MIRPMIRP Mode chan switching enabled. DAY: APT-A=chan 2 APT-B =3A, NIGHT: APT-A=chan 4, APT-B =chan 3B
08/27/2002TIP1Time Stamp File clock offset reconciliation
07/01/2002DTR4AN17 DTR4 Pressure reading higher than all the others
07/01/2002DTR4BN17 DTR4 Pressure reading higher than all the others
06/24/200218:56:00DTR4AOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00DTR5AOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00DTR3AOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00DTR1AOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00DDR2AOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00TIP1On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00MIRPOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00XSU1On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00DTR1BOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00DTR3BOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00DTR4BOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00DTR5BOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00DDR2BOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00XSU2On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00TIP2On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00AIP1On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00AIP2On Orbit