NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 18 COMM Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
BTX 1Beacon Transmitter #1 (137.35MHz)Green
BTX 2Beacon Transmitter #2 (137.77MHz)Green
STX1S-Band Transmitter #1 (1698MHz)Green
STX2S-Band Transmitter #2 (1702.5MHz)Green
STX3S-Band Transmitter #3 (1707MHz)Green
STX4S-Band Transmitter #4 (2247.5MHz)Green
VTX1VHF Transmitter #1 (137.10MHz)Green
VTX2VHF Transmitter #2 (137.9125MHz)Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
01/03/201314:13:46 Once verified that macro 13 was activated, send the following command to deativate macro 15
06/28/201018:57:00STX4STX4 turned off to conclude NOAA-18 McMurdo telemetry reception and command test in preparation for upcoming NOAA-18 MIMU tests.
06/03/201019:22:30STX4NOAA-18's STX4 was activated and configured for AIP data over McMurdo on JDay 144 from ~14:00-21:00 UTC for proficiency testing in preparation of NOAA-18's upcoming MIMU testing.
11/10/200912:39:20STX1Clear STX1 Config
11/10/200912:39:20STX3Config STX3 & HRPT
11/10/200912:39:20STX1Config STX1 and DDR3
11/10/200912:39:20STX3Turn on STX3
11/10/200912:39:20STX3Clear STX3 Config
08/18/200912:20:20STX2Config STX2 to HRPT
06/23/200918:53:54VTX1Turns off VTX1
06/23/200915:54:08VTX2Turns on VTX2
01/23/2009STX4Turn STX4 on.
01/23/2009STX4Configures for TIP byphase.
01/23/2009STX4Configures STX4 for TIP.
01/15/2009STX4Turn STX4 on.
01/15/2009STX4Configures for TIP byphase.
01/15/2009STX4Configures STX4 for TIP.
07/05/200716:39:30STX4Turns on STX4, then configures it for HRPT, then AIP, and then finally deconfigures STX4 and turns it off.
05/10/200714:57:50VTX2Turn VTX 2 on
05/10/200714:55:50BTX 1Turn BTX1 on
05/10/200714:51:38BTX 2Turn BTX 2 on
05/10/200714:51:38BTX 2Turn on BTX2 for HIRS test
05/10/200714:51:24VTX2Turn VTX 2 off for HIRS test
05/10/200714:51:00BTX 1Turn VXT 2 off, wait 10 seconds, turn BTX 2 on, wait 2 minutes, turn BTX 2 off, wait 2 minutes, turn BTX1 on, wait 2 minutes, turn VTX 2 on, wait 10 seconds, HIRS to full scan mode
05/10/200713:19:17VTX2Turn VTX 2 on for HIRS test
05/10/200713:19:04VTX1Turn VTX 1 off for HIRS test
05/10/200713:17:00VTX1Turn VTX 1 on for HIRS test
05/10/200713:14:56BTX 1Turn BTX 1 off for HIRS test
05/10/200713:12:52VTX2Turn VXT 2 off
07/20/200613:21:00VTX2VTX2 ON - Switch VHF transmitter from VTX1 (137.1 MHz) to VTX2 (137.9125 MHz) for APT data
07/20/200613:20:00VTX1VTX1 OFF - Switch VHF transmitter from VTX1 (137.1 MHz) to VTX2 (137.9125 MHz) for APT data
01/27/200619:32:00STX4Turn off STX4
01/27/200619:25:00STX4Turn on STX4 via macro
01/04/200609:00:00VTX2Turn off VTX2
01/04/200609:00:00VTX1Turn on VTX1
09/20/200518:00:00STX4Turn off STX4
09/20/200516:00:00STX4Turn on STX4
09/12/200514:12:00STX4Turn off STX4
09/12/200512:33:00STX4Turn on STX4
08/30/200512:31:10BTX 1Turn on BTX1, new beacon transmitter.
08/30/200512:31:00BTX 2Turn off BTX2
08/30/200512:30:45STX1Config STX1 to HRPT downlink
08/30/200512:30:40STX1Turn on STX1
08/30/200512:30:35STX3Turn off STX3 (no longer HRPT, use for playbacks)
08/30/200512:30:35STX3Clear STX3 Config
08/30/200507:32:00BTX 1BTX-1 activated as permanent Beacon transmitter
08/30/200507:31:30BTX 2BTX-2 deactivated as Beacon transmitter.
08/30/200507:31:00STX3STX-3 replaced as HRPT transmitter by STX-1. STX-3 to be used for playbacks.
08/30/200507:30:00STX1STX-1 switched to HRPT transmitter replacing STX-3.
08/08/200502:40:00STX2Clear STX2 Config. Test unsuccessful. Svalbard unable to track using STX2 because it is left hand circular polarization and Svalbard can only track right hand circular polarized signals (such as STX1,3 and 4).
08/08/200502:39:00STX2Turn off STX2 end IJPS test
08/08/200502:33:00STX2CONFIG STX2 for TIP/AIP downlink (IJPS Svalbard tracking test)
08/08/200502:32:00STX2Turn on STX2 for Svalbard IJPS testing.
06/28/200501:40:00STX3HRPT assignments switched. STX-3 now HRPT transmitter, STX-1 now playback transmitter.
06/09/200520:00:00STX4Turn off STX-4, end AIP transmissions
05/30/200523:30:00STX4STX-4 turned back on with AIP data in continuous transmit mode.
05/30/200521:49:00STX4STX-4 (AIP data) turnoff in preparation for instrument-RF EMI testing.
05/30/200521:20:00 instrument-RF EMI testing with various transmitters turning off and on via Macro-8. Completed 23:15:00.
05/21/200513:12:00STX1HRPT switch to STX-1. STX-2 moved to playback operations.
05/21/200513:11:00STX2STX-2 moved to playback operations. STX-1 now HRPT.
05/20/200515:14:00VTX2VTX-2 (137.9125 MHZ) turned on with APT data transmission. VTX-1 (137.1 MHZ) used for backup.
05/20/200512:13:00STX2STX-2 turned on and operating nominally configured to transmit HRPT.
05/20/200511:56:00STX1STX-1 turned on and operating nominally
05/20/200511:55:00BTX 2BTX-2 turnon
05/20/200511:52:00STX4STX-4 turned on operating nominally.
05/20/200511:50:00BTX 1on orbit, backup mode
05/20/200511:50:00STX3on orbit
05/20/200511:48:00 UDA nominal deploy.
05/20/200511:47:00STX1SRA nominal deployment.
05/20/200511:45:00VTX1VTX antenna nominal deployment.
06/28/200014:15:00STX4STX4 is turned on for McMurdo telemetry reception and command test in preparation for upcoming NOAA-18 MIMU tests.