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Update 7/10/2020: GOES-15 supplemental operations will begin on Sunday, August 9, 2020 at 0000 UTC and continue through Thursday, September 3, 2020 1600 UTC. See notification for more details.

To view imagery from the operational GOES East (GOES-16) and GOES West (GOES-17) satellites, users may visit

NOAA 19 COMM Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
BTX 1Beacon Transmitter #1 (137.35MHz)Green
BTX 2Beacon Transmitter #2 (137.77MHz)Green
STX1S-Band Transmitter #1 (1698MHz)Green
STX2S-Band Transmitter #2 (1702.5MHz)Green
STX3S-Band Transmitter #3 (1707MHz)Orange
STX4S-Band Transmitter #4 (2247.5MHz)Green
VTX1VHF Transmitter #1 (137.10MHz)Green
VTX2VHF Transmitter #2 (137.9125MHz)Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
07/22/201517:49:40 Implement 5 minute delay between STX off commands via SCT
02/05/201419:00:53STX3Turn STX3 off
02/05/201419:00:13STX3Deconfigure STX3 input path
02/05/201415:48:49STX3Configure HRPT on STX3
02/04/201417:28:36STX3Turn STX3 on (carrier only)
02/04/201417:27:35STX3Deconfig STX3 for source (carrier only)
11/27/201220:17:00STX3Clear for STX3
11/27/201220:16:39STX3Turn off STX3
11/27/201218:33:46STX3Power cycle STX3 turn on
11/27/201218:33:33STX3Power cycle STX3 turn off
11/27/201217:01:37STX3Turn on STX3
11/27/201217:01:37STX3Configure for HRPT on STX3
10/29/201210:08:20STX3STX3's Output Power exhibited erratic behavior during Revs 19192 and19194. During Rev 19192, the STX Output Power dropped from 7.73 W to 0 W for a period of 8 seconds before rebounding to a value of 7.569 W (no temperature fluctuation was observed). During Rev 19194, the Output Power dropped from 7.73 W to 0 W with an accompanying temperatuere spike from 24 to 26 deg C. Throughout the rest of the pass for Rev 19194, the Output Power remained 0 W with the temperature reading ~25 deg C, nominal for an on" state
04/20/201114:41:00STX2NOAA-19's STX2 was activated to test FCDAS ability to receive real-time AIP data.
11/04/201005:22:30STX1NOAA-19's STX1 (HRPT TX) experienced an abrupt decrease in output power. The output power dropped 1.60 W (from 8.51 W to 6.91 W) and the orbital maximum temperature increased 3 deg. C (from ~28 deg. C to ~31 deg. C).
06/23/200918:31:15VTX1Turns on VTX1
06/23/200918:31:00VTX2Turns off VTX2
02/06/200911:49:20BTX 1COMM Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20BTX 2COMM Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20STX1COMM Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20STX2COMM Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20STX3COMM Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20STX4COMM Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20VTX1COMM Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20VTX2COMM Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:43:20 VRA (VHF Real-time Antenna) Deployment